How to order wooden packaging

To make sure we provide you with the best service possible, before we start, we need some information, including: timings/schedule, route and mode of transportation as well as the types of goods.

What do we need to know about the load?

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  • What goods are being shipped, e.g. electronics, a turbine, an engine, a car or something else?
  • What modes of transport are you planning to use, e.g. truck, ship or plane?
  • What types of transport are you planning to use, e.g. conventional, container? If a container – is it FCL (only your load in the container) or LCL (a mix of your goods and other companies’ goods)?
  • With airfreight we also need to know the specific requirements of the chosen airline in terms of acceptable packaging, delivery method and airplane type.
  • Do you have a planned route? Do you have any specific holding and storage points or loading methods?
  • What’s the estimated time between packing and removing the packaging, i.e. how long should anti-corrosion protection be effective?
  • What are the exact dimensions, weight and the centre of gravity of your load?
  • Does the load contain any moving parts that need to be packed as well?
  • Does the load require cleaning before packaging, e.g. removing production residue, operating fluids or other materials?
  • Do you have any specific requirements regarding how your load should be protected and secured, e.g. according to manufacturer’s securing and protection instructions?
  • Has the load been provisionally secured and, if so, should these elements be removed before using other means of securing the load?
  • Should the load be equipped with moisture, impact and tilt sensors?
  • What are the hygroscopic properties of the load, i.e. to what degree will the load inside the wooden packaging absorb moisture from the air and to what degree can it expel moisture into the air?

opakowania drewniane

Once we learn all the relevant details, we will be happy to advise you on the best wooden packaging design and method as well as discuss the optimal anti-corrosion measures.

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