Shipping crates

Bespoke solutions

We manufacture bespoke shipping crates in line with your specifications and requirements. Our crates come in all shapes and sizes, and with any accessories or equipment you require, so you can safely transport your cargo wherever and whenever you need.



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Shipping crates – materials

Explore our offer of shipping crates manufactured from certified or raw The crate material and construction depend on the application and destination.



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Shipping crates – finishing and equipping

Each crate can be individually finished to order. If you need smooth surfaces, we’ll ensure each crate is perfectly finished to your specifications. We’ll paint the crate in the colour of your choice and mark it accordingly. You can also equip all shipping crates with a selection of internal and external components.

Internal components include forms, brackets and other components for safe storage and shipping. External elements can include locks, hinges, hardware, wheels, steel reinforcements, etc.


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Crate monitoring

Upon request we can equip your crate with tilt, humidity, temperature and shake sensors, which enable you to easily monitor the condition of your cargo.


Shipping crate markings

All our shipping solutions contain relevant, legible and durable markings based on the cargo, its destination, etc. The graphical symbols on the containers make the shipping and control procedures fast and smooth.

Basic packaging and information marks provide information on the key features of the cargo and its destination. Every cargo contains the name of the recipient, the address, a 2-character ISO country code, number assigned to the packaging manufacturer by the national plant protection organization and the IPPC abbreviation. The data placed on all packaging solutions also includes size and weight, as well as the contents and the sender of the shipping crate.

Handling markings placed on the shipping crate or packaging provide information on how to handle the cargo during shipping, loading and unloading, storing in a warehouse and other transport-related processes. Each cargo is always appropriately marked according to its properties, e.g. goods that are breakable, fragile and sensitive to shocks bear special markings. There are also separate markings for goods that mustn’t be exposed to sun, humidity or high/low temperatures. Depending on the specific load or packaging sometimes we also use signs prohibiting the use of hooks and indicating proper attachment points. Finally, each cargo has its center of gravity clearly marked.



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Most common shipping crate markings


  • Keep dry
  • This side up
  • Center of gravity
  • Fragile, handle with care
  • Sling here
  • ISPM 15 certification symbol for timber


where XX – country ISO code (e.g. PL – Poland), 000 – packaging manufacturer number, YY – type of approved treatment (e.g. HT – heat treatment, MB – methyl bromide fumigation)

To receive a list of used symbols, contact us at biuro@opakowaniaeksportowe.pl.

With the right marking the shipping crate and cargo can safely arrive at your chosen destination.

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